Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gratitude Workshop, February 23rd

Happiness Workshops 101 presents “Gratitude “on February 23rd beginning at 1pm.  We are conducting a series of workshops based on the elements of Happiness and the energy, which it provides in our daily lives.  The topic of Happiness is from a scope of Positive Psychology where 24 strengths exist in supporting each person’s level of positivity. 

 Positivity creates an energy that stimulates our spiritual minds and hearts and awakens our soul to aspire and achieve new ideas or goals in life. This workshop will be filled with FUN, Positivity, Guided Gratitude Meditation, Energy healing, and spiritual enlightenment”. 
Building gratitude together and giving your energy a boost that is what we will all be accomplishing by way of individual and group activities.  The cost of this workshop is just $20.00 and all materials are supplied. 

Please contact Isabelle 302-897-7884 or Caroline 302-753-8836 for more information.

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