Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What are the Happiness Workshops all about?

What are the Happiness Workshops all about?

We are pleased to introduce to you our new monthly Happiness Workshops

Happiness Workshops are designed to help you connect to positive things in your life and therefore promote more happiness.

During our 2 hour Happiness Workshop we will be engaging in simple and fun positive psychology exercises.  You will learn or revisit optimism and come to the realization of how little things in life can make a huge difference and increase that feel good spirit we all possess inside.

Ask yourself this question:

On a scale of 1-10 how happy am I? Could this workshop help me in social settings like work and family …the answer is YES!  Happiness is contagious and people love to be around those who are confident with their happiness and who fully embrace joy…..let's travel this journey and have FUN!!!

 We believe that everyone will leave the workshop happier and ready to experience joy in  new ways which will lead to a higher level of confidence.

A whole network of Happiness Workshops was created over the summer in France (réseau des ateliers du Bonheur) and all “Happiness Ambassadors” were trained by Cécile Neuville (psychologist) and Anelor Dabo (life coach) out of Montpellier, France.

Positive Psychology is a REAL science and was implemented and studied by several well known persons. Martin Seligman (Professor at the University of Pennsylvania) is very active in developing Positive Psychology and classes which are taught in over 100 colleges throughout the US.

Please joins us and together, let’s make our world a little better! One smile at a time!
We look forward to helping you on your journey to happiness.

Additional Information:

·         This workshop is designed for everyone
·         Workshops are 2 hours long and cost $20.
·         For more information, please visit our Facebook page: Happy Workshops 101

Isabelle Harpey – Certified Positive Psychology Coach
Caroline Coulet – Certified Coach and Life Strategist 

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